Video Analysis Activity: A Syrian Refugee Family’s Story

Today, 30 million children have been forced to leave their homes because of brutal violence, extreme poverty, or both. This number includes millions of children caught in violent conflict in more than a dozen countries including Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. These children often have to make difficult and dangerous journeys as they flee their homes. Many of them are unable to receive an education for months or even years.

When people escape their home country to find safety, they are called refugees. The first video below (33 seconds) gives you an introduction to this humanitarian crisis and the needs of refugee children and families. In the second video (about 6 minutes), cameras record what life is like for 8-year-old Sahar and her family. They are on the run from Syria in an informal settlement for refugees in Lebanon. Watch the videos, and then answer the questions below about children on the run.

Video 1: Migrant Children in Crisis

Video 2: Amal (Hope) - A Syrian Refugee Family's Story

Video Analysis Questions:

1) In Video 2, what was life like for Sahar’s family before the Syrian war? What is life like for them now?

2) How is UNICEF helping children in the refugee camp in Lebanon in Video 2?

3) At the end of Video 2, you see the slogan “No Lost Generation.” What do you think this slogan means?

Think, Write, Discuss

Children have special rights, such as the right to education, to play, and to be protected from harm. They are guaranteed in a United Nations document called the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Are these rights universal—as in, they apply to children no matter where they are? Should they be? What’s keeping children from realizing their rights when they’re on the run? How can those challenges be overcome?

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